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The following list captures the finalized goals approved during our May 2018 meeting. Future work will be further development of actions/organizations for each strategy. 

  • Goal 1: Conduct High Quality Research and Needs Assessment

    • Strategy 1.1 Identify resources and current efforts

    • Strategy 1.2 Data gap assessment to prioritize needs

    • Strategy 1.3 Develop understanding of life cycle, transport, quantity and accumulation rate of marine debris

    • Strategy 1.4 Monitoring and standardization

  • Goal 2: Reduce Sources of Land-based and Water-based Debris Through Prevention

    • Strategy 2.1 Increase awareness and change behavior

    • Strategy 2.2 Promote and encourage producer and merchant responsibility

    • Strategy 2.3 Enhance efforts to support waste reduction

  • Goal 3: Support and Sustain Removal of Litter, Trash and Debris

    • Strategy 3.1 Removal of traditional litter

    • Strategy 3.2 Removal of disaster debris

    • Strategy 3.3. Increase capacity for large debris removal (including abandoned vessels and vehicles)

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