How to do the Survey

It's so easy to make a difference! Thank you for taking your time to provide Texas scientists this incredibly valuable information!

We have two ways for you to do the Take 2 for Texas surveys. You can do the quick and easy Bottle Count in 5-10 minutes all total. If you're feeling like a longer trash cleanup, we have the optional Texas 2 Step Survey that will takes 30-45 minutes.       

Print Instructions here

Take 2 Bottle Count:

  1. Establish the survey zone and be clear on directions. You will count every beverage bottle you SEE. It does not have to be in the 100 ft zone, just visible from where you are.             

  2. After you mark your 100 ft line, select one spot roughly in the middle where you stand and count all plastic bottles you can see from that spot (360). Count bottles for one minute. Moving to see past a tree, over a steep bank, etc. is fine but not too much movement. Write this number down for your visual scan.                           

  3. At the end of the minute write down your count as total number of bottles.                

  4. Go to the Take 2 for Texas website and report your visual count and actual number of bottles.     


That's it! How easy was that?

Texas 2 Step Survey:

If you're a awesome person that likes to go above and beyond, we have the Texas 2 Step Survey you can do in the same location as the Bottle Count. 

  1. Along your 100 ft line, pick up every single piece of trash you see.

    • You'll keep trash below the high tide/ high water line separate from the trash you pick up higher on the bank.

    • This will help us determine what trash is "active" and could be easily washed into waterways and what trash is "stationary" and won't move unless there is a flood. 

    • We recommended using different buckets or bags for shoreline vs above high water trash.                                                                                                                       

  2. After you've collected all the trash, record the number of individual items on the Texas 2 Step datasheet.

    • Be sure to mark trash in the correct column by location- was it on the shoreline or above the high water line?


Print the datasheet here

What does

"high water line" mean?

You can then enter your information on the Take 2 for Texas website. You conservation rockstar, you!


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