Group Editing of Action Plan Goals, Sub-Goals and Future Actions

As discussed at the October 2017 meeting, we wanted to provide an online area for partners to comment and suggest actions related to our Action Plan Goals.  To register, please click the link below.  We will add your name and email to the "member list" and you will be able to login and make edits.  The process is not instant, there may be a slight delay between when you complete your registration and when you get an email indicating you are on the member list and can login.  

After you submit your registration via the login link, please go below to the Gathering Partner Information section.  Here you will enter information on your organization, contacts and additional details. Note that you need to do both actions (Login/ Signup and Gathering Partner Information) to have a complete record with the group and to make edits on the documents online.

We are gathering information on partners participating in the Action Plan. Please fill out as many boxes below as you can so we can begin to create our database. Filling out this form doesn't register you to make edits on the Action Plan. Hit the "Login/ Signup" link above to fully register.

This webpage was set up to communicate and share our progress as we initiate, develop and begin acting on the Greater Houston-Galveston Trash-Based Aquatic

Action Plan. Please note the purpose of this action plan is to serve as a guidance document or a central point of reference for improved collaboration and coordination among the multitude of stakeholders across the greater Houston-Galveston region, to avoid duplication and optimize the efficiency and efficacy of efforts.

The document is not intended to be regulatory or specifically binding on actions or timeframes.