Poll for Scheduling Conference Calls

We will start scheduling conference calls to discuss the actions under each goal in January 2018. In order to pick the best days for those interested, we'd like for those that would like to make the calls to provide some information for planning. We have selected several days (see below) and will assign the goals according to optimizing available times for people. Can't make any of these dates? Let us know in the comments and we can work out alternatives. 

All conference calls will be at 2:00 pm on the HARC conference call line.


This webpage was set up to communicate and share our progress as we initiate, develop and begin acting on the Greater Houston-Galveston Trash-Based Aquatic

Action Plan. Please note the purpose of this action plan is to serve as a guidance document or a central point of reference for improved collaboration and coordination among the multitude of stakeholders across the greater Houston-Galveston region, to avoid duplication and optimize the efficiency and efficacy of efforts.

The document is not intended to be regulatory or specifically binding on actions or timeframes.