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Report Litter and other Pollution

Galveston Bay Action Network (GBAN) is a free website and mobile app, developed by the Galveston Bay Foundation, which allows anyone to report pollution to the proper authorities from anywhere in the Houston-Galveston Area. Pollution events like chemical spills, illegal discharge of boat sewage, and the dumping of waste have the potential to impact water quality and threaten the health of the local people, plants, and animals.


GBAN makes reporting easy by having a central location to submit pollution reports that eliminates the hassle of figuring out where to submit a report.


Once submitted through GBAN, reports are automatically sent to the proper authority based on the indicated pollution type and municipality location.


From there, authorities will respond to the report as they would with any other pollution complaint. If contact information is provided, authorities may reach out to learn more about the incident.

GBAN Infographic trimmed.png

The GBAN mobile app is available through Google Play or the iTunes Store. To make an online report, please visit


Share it! Download GBAN graphics and share on your website and social media channels.


Please reach out to Charlotte Cisneros, if you have any questions.

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