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Houston Galveston Sustainable Business Guides

We wanted to help recognize those businesses and groups that are working to make their facilities more sustainable by using less plastic and creating less waste. Below are links to existing partner pages that highlight known businesses that operate sustainably.

Click on titles for web links.

Houston Zoo Eliminating Single Use Straw Campaign

  • The Houston Zoo connects communities with animals, inspiring action to save wildlife. As part of their mission, it is critical that they take action to save wildlife, while empowering our local community to do the same.

  • The Zoo is partnering with local bars and restaurants to help them transition from single-use plastic straws to offering reusable or non-plastic straws (like those made of paper), only on request.

  • Houston Zoo's Go Plastic Straw Free Partner Toolkit.


Turtle Island Restoration Network's The Final Straw Galveston

  • As part of the worldwide movement to eliminate a source of single-use plastic straws, TIRN is encouraging restaurants and bars in the Galveston area to only provide straws on request and to use reusable or paper straws.

  • To ensure a successful transition, Turtle Island’s Gulf team will provide resources for individuals and businesses to end their use of plastic straws, including the options to purchase reusable straws.

  • On March 1, at the urging of environmental groups, the City Council and City of Galveston unanimously passed a resolution encouraging restaurants to withhold plastic straws unless customers specifically ask for them. The resolution also encourages businesses to offer straws made of paper, plant fiber, or other material more biodegradable than plastic.


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