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All of our partners have their specialties and interests when it comes to trash related issues. In 2017 members decided to form working groups to focus on specific pathways towards marine debris reduction. 





Working Groups were created to advise the Advisory Committee and the Partners for Litter Prevention (PLP) on matters pertaining to communication, removal, and research issues and activities. To carry out this purpose, under the leadership of the Working Group Leaders, each Working Group will perform the following functions:

  • Provide a forum for information sharing and coordination of region-wide activities. 

  • Facilitate and assure PLP commitments to implement Galveston Bay Watershed Aquatic Debris Action Plan.

  • Make recommendations to the PLP and the Advisory Committee concerning projects. 

  • Identify potential funding sources. 

  • Provide the PLP and Advisory Committee updates of activities that implement the Action Plan. 

  • Assess the success of Action Plan. 

Working Group leaders for each group are determined through volunteer appointees and efforts of the Advisory Committee. The Working Group leaders facilitate Working Group meetings. 

The working groups are comprised of members that are already engaged in an activity or are interested in promoting/ developing a strategy for the partnership. We have now provided member only access to the working group pages as a place for partners to collaborate and share messages. Designated lead contacts will be listed on each working group sub-page. Members are encouraged to participate in any or all groups if they wish. Interested partners should email for further information on joining a working group.


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